Allakando uses Digify to prevent the free spread of their proprietary materials

Lund-based tutoring company Allakando uses Digify to prevent their course materials and proprietary content sent to tutors from spreading freely to the public.

About Allakando

Allakando is an education management startup headquartered in Lund, Sweden. They provide tutoring and homework support (“läxhjälp” in Swedish) for over 26,000 students each year, with a large database of around 5,900 teachers, making them the fastest growing and largest tutoring company in Sweden.

The problem

Need for a safe and secure way of distributing educational content

Since the early days of their tutoring practice, Allakando had been creating their own course materials, printing and distributing them to students in live classes. But as they shifted to online learning, they needed a way to send written material and recorded lesson videos with students on their platform. They also wanted a way to keep their private tutors informed and educated by sending best practices and company tips, in order to help them get better at teaching.

These materials contained a lot of intellectual property and Allakando was looking for a tool to ensure that this IP would not spread freely, especially to any competitors.

The solution

A simple solution to prevent the free spread of proprietary learning material

In Digify, Allakando found a solution that would let them keep their proprietary learning material within the company and accessible only to students, teachers and employees. Instead of sending company tips to teachers as regular emails, they could use Digify to send PDFs to the teachers and restrict or allow downloads as and when needed. They could also set the files to expire at the end of a semester when they were no longer required to be accessed.

Why Digify?

Limit access to authorized users

Digify allowed Allakando to send their proprietary learning material to a limited number of users and prevent the spread of their IP. They were able to deter leaks by preventing download & printing and adding the watermark & expiry features.

Usability and ease of understanding

Allakando found Digify to be simple enough and easy to understand for users. It allowed students and tutors to access their learning material without much of a learning curve.

Affordable and fit for purpose

Digify was also an ideal tool for Allakanda as they tried to minimize reliance on third-party tools. Allakando found the Digify plan that was simple and affordable enough and best suited for their purpose.

The outcome

Safe and secure way of educating students and tutors

Having started using Digify in 2016, Allakando has grown to become the largest tutoring company in Sweden. Digify has helped them make the transition to online learning easily by allowing them to securely distribute written course material and recorded video lessons to over 2,000 students every semester. They have also been able to help more than 6,000 tutors every year get better at teaching and become more experienced through regular sharing of company tips and resources.

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