StratifiCare uses Digify to streamline investor engagement during fundraising

Medtech startup StratifiCare uses Digify for fundraising due diligence and investor updates.

About StratifiCare

StratifiCare is a Singapore-based medtech startup that specializes in developing innovative diagnostic tests that aid healthcare providers to deliver personalized treatment to patients. Their flagship product is a severe dengue prediction test which can be used to tell in advance whether dengue patients will develop severe complications such as internal bleeding and hence require hospitalisation. StratifiCare owns a patent on a panel of biomarkers – blood proteins – whose concentrations change before the patient goes into a severe condition.

The problem

Need for a secure way to engage investors during fundraising

StratifiCare was looking for a virtual data room primarily to help their potential investors do due diligence. Their fundraising process would start with them sending out large pitch decks containing sensitive information about their patented technology. For keeping this information confidential, they needed a way to limit access to their documents. At the same time, they wanted some insights into which documents investors were spending the most time on, in order to be ready with additional information if requested.

The solution

A secure repository to engage investors during and after fundraising

StratifiCare learnt about Digify from one of their board advisors and has been using the platform since early 2019. With Digify, StratifiCare was able to send out pitch decks to investors and ensure that confidential information was restricted to authorized users alone. Based on the engagement with these decks, they were also able to screen investors and follow up to proceed to the due diligence stage.

The data room analytics also allowed StratifiCare to know which investors were most interested and to look out for follow up questions ahead of time. Following the investment, StratifiCare also used Digify to send out periodic investor updates and further understand which investors were most interested to find out what was happening in the company.

Why Digify?

Control of confidential information

StratifiCare used Digify to send confidential documents to investors while limiting access to only authorized investors. They could also set confidential documents to expire at a certain date when access to these documents were no longer required.

Ability to track engagement

StratifiCare was able to derive insights into which documents investors spent most time and attention on. This allowed them to focus their follow ups with the most interested investors and screen them better through the fundraising process.

Access to updated documents on the cloud

Digify’s cloud-based data room software also acted as a storage space to keep documents updated and ready for use during the fundraising.

The outcome

Effective streamlining of engagement of investors for fundraising

With Digify, StratifiCare was able to create a secure repository to store the latest documents to facilitate the investors to do their due diligence. They also used Digify to send pitch decks to investors and follow up with them based on whether they viewed or downloaded the files. Following the investments, StratifiCare also kept their investors informed of their progress via periodic investor updates detailing the achievements of the past quarter. The investors also found it easy to access the data room. Whenever they needed a closer look, StratifiCare was able to allow recipients to download or print the files easily.

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