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Private equity & venture capital investor relations

“After an extensive search of different data room providers, Digify was clearly the best. We love the clean and minimalist look of the system, and how easy it is for our investors to access confidential information. In addition, we can create multiple data rooms on one platform, saving us a significant cost per data room.”

Anne-Sophie Schmidt
Investor relations
Hof Capital

“Digify has all the features you need and seems very easy to use from the “outside” users point of view. Several customers commented on how easy they found it to use.”

J. Matthew Pryor

Tenacious Ventures

“I used to work in investment banking and private equity and used expensive VDRs like Merrill or Intralinks. I always thought it was overpriced for the limited usage we had in typical DD processes. Digify has all the right functionalities at a fraction of the price.”

Guillaume M.
Diagram Ventures

Startup fundraising

“We created a data room to send confidential documents with a consortium of investors in preparation of a Series A Capital round. Since we had the content ready, the data room was created in 1 day, and investors were invited to explore the documents the next day.”

Nico V.
VIPUN Medical

“We use Digify to securely send sensitive documents as part of due diligence processes and security reviews. Love the ease of use of the platform.”

Jonathan Dunlop
General counsel

“Digify helped me send important and private documents with potential investors in a way that made it easy for them to access our information. Because I could see who had accessed our documents, it also provided me with some intel on level of interest and engagement. I also appreciated the different levels of access it allowed me to give, as well as download permissioning.”

Cynthia Adams
Pearl Certification

M&A, legal, real estate due diligence

“I needed a simple and inexpensive data room for a one-time transaction. Digify provided everything I needed: simplicity, different accessibility levels, full history of user access (what and when they viewed, downloaded). It was also reasonably priced compared to competition. Very good experience for all sides involved in the M&A transaction.”

Pawel H.
Managing director
FitPass Group

“Used it to review confidential documents and show them to clients/landlords. Seamless easy to use site.”

Juan Pablo Velasquez
Real estate director

“Very easy to use. Customer service was great. I needed a product that permitted me to send information while preventing re-distribution. Digify worked as advertised. Plus, it provided an even more secure version in the event that I needed to go all out.”

David Bell
David Bell Law Firm

Digital rights management

“Digify helps me to send files without worrying about plagiarism.
[The pros are] the ability to send documents to multiple people in a way that does not allow for them to save the documents or forward the documents (thus helps to prevent plagiarism).”

Danielle Wommack
Fitness director
Ojai Valley Athletic Club

“We have digital content that our customers purchase. We are able to deliver this data to them without the need for thumb drives. We can see what data they find useful by tracking what data they download and what data they do not.”

Larry Girty
General manager
AGC Education

“We are a library, and because of the safety and comfort Digify delivers, we are now able to loan out digital texts. Intuitive design. We have hundreds of customers, and rarely need to explain to any of them how to use Digify.”

Bastiaan Malcorps

Internal document distribution

“Digify has allowed us to better distribute sensitive material to our clients and ensure proper access and distribution controls with great granularity. In addition, the data rooms are a great solution to our needs for archiving past materials for our clients to access on their own in a secure and controlled manner.

Compared to other software we considered Digify had by far the most straightforward UI and functionality.”

Samuel Ramos-Jones
Director for business development
PSA Philippines Consultancy

“We needed a secure web based information resource for various corporate uses where we can manage document access and distribution – Digify fills that requirement readily at reasonable cost and learning curve.”

Paul Bloom
EX VP board member & secretary
Quotient Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

“We looked at various products and found Digify to be the best. The Digify team worked with us on various tweaks that we requested – they are outstanding in every way.

We use this as our internal bulletin board, and post company information to our teams knowing that the data won’t be copied, downloaded, send, or posted online.”

Aaron Kotler
Chief executive officer
Beth Medrash Govoha

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