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Features of Digify


Document Security

Easily control access and distribution of your files after they are sent.

Access control

Control whether your files are accessible by invitation only, or via public links with email validation or an additional password.

Recipient identity verification

Recipients may be asked to verify their identity before they can view the file.

Revoke access

Revoke access any time errors occur or files are sent to the wrong person.

Easy cloud import

Upload multiple files from your computer or cloud storage – Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive.

File replacement & versioning

Ability to replace files as a new version. Useful for typos and updating content even after hitting send.

File format previews

Preview of PDFs, images, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even videos is supported.

Copy protection, print & download permissions

Files are displayed only in the browser and are protected from copy and paste attempts. You decide whether to allow printing or downloading.

Instant view notifications

Get an instant email notification when files are viewed.

Detailed file tracking and analytics

See who viewed your files, from where, for how long, how often, and whether they were printed or downloaded. Analytics can be exported as an Excel file.

Easy invite for recipients

From one guest to thousands – invitations are easily and automatically sent on your behalf.

Expiry date & time

Schedule a start and end date and time for file access, or set a file to self-destruct after viewing.

Dynamic watermarks

Automatically watermark documents with recipients’ email and other information on the fly. Watermarks are fully customizable.

Screen shield

Reduce the visible screen area of a file with a moveable filter to prevent screenshots.

Virtual data rooms

All Document Security features above are applicable to Digify virtual data rooms.

Multiple data rooms

Create multiple data rooms for different projects and deals on a single platform.

Disable data rooms

Disable access to entire data rooms with a single switch.

Clone data rooms

Owners and co-owners can clone a data room and have all files and folders copied to a new data room.

Transfer data rooms

Have the option to transfer ownership of data rooms to another team member.

Detailed data room analytics

Track your files’ movements down to every page. See their total visits, duration of views, average progress, and more. Analytics can be exported as an excel file.

Download data room analytics

Export the activity log of your data rooms for presentations or security audits.

Role permissions

Invite collaborators to your data room and set them as co-owners, contributors, or viewers. Permissions are based on the defined roles.

Security permissions

Seven different permission levels are available for data rooms, from view-only to co-owner.

Granular permissions

Easily manage and customize individual guests or groups’ level of access to files and folders.

File index

Owners and contributors can change the viewing order of files as they want guests to see them. Files are automatically renumbered with the correct file index.

About page

Create a fully customizable About Page to improve communication with data room guests.

Custom banners

Upload a custom banner for each data room to help brand your projects.

Guest groups

Group guests together so you can assign the same permissions to all group members with just a few clicks.

User and Group Expiry

Set an expiration date and time for a person or group to access your data rooms.

Data room expiry

Set an expiration date and time for an entire group of files and folders in your data rooms.

Terms of access/NDA

When activated, guests must accept your terms before they can access your data rooms. Each data room can have its own terms of access.


Allow anyone in the data room to submit questions to be answered. Manage who guests can ask questions to and whose questions they can see.

Excel What-If Analysis

When enabled, your guests can view, modify, sort & filter cell values. This will not update the file version, and changes won’t be saved. 


Team roles

Admins can manage a team and control the roles of its members.

Security presets

Admins can create security presets to set consistent policies for company files.

Securely hosted & compliant

All files are encrypted with AES-256 with envelope encryption. Our AWS hosting infrastructure is certified for ISO27001, SOC, FedRAMP, FIPS, PCI DSS Level 1, and many more.

Two-factor authentication

Enable 2FA for an extra step in verifying your identity to increase account security and prevent brute force attacks.

Export activity log

Export your data room’s activity log to an Excel file that includes guest details, the date, time, and duration of each activity, and more.

Overview of analytics

Admins can see company-wide document analytics, and who has access to the files.

Enterprise SSO and user provisioning*

We offer Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML and User Provisioning via SCIM for easy integration with your existing authentication infrastructure. This includes Okta, OneLogin, and Azure AD.

*Enterprise only

Domain invite enforcement*

Users from your email domain will need approval from the Enterprise administrator before they can sign up for an account on Digify.


*Enterprise only

Advanced branding & white-labeled url

White-labeled links

White-label your company’s domain and URL for all logins and links sent through Digify to build trust with your guests.

Custom backgrounds

Change the file login screen for files and the backgrounds for viewing documents to enhance your branding.

Custom email notifications

Customize email notifications with your logo, brand color, and tagline. Use your own domain and email server to increase your brand credibility.

Pre-auth URL

Enhance user experience by integrating data rooms seamlessly with your website. Pre-Auth URL allows your clients to transition smoothly between your site and Digify without additional logins.

To learn more about advanced branding and white-labeling, contact

Platforms & integrations

Dropbox, OneDrive, Box & Google Drive

Easily import files from Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and Google Drive and secure them with Digify.

Gmail & Outlook extension

Securely send and track email attachments with Digify right within your Gmail and Outlook

Integrate with Slack, Salesforce, Shopify & more

Streamline workflows by connecting Digify to thousands of apps via Zapier.


Access and view your files on Digify from your mobile devices – anytime, anywhere.

Developer API

With the Digify API, developers can create apps and integrate document security features into their apps and workflows.

Document embedding

Add the Digify viewer to your web application to display documents. Visitors can view your file while your documents are tracked and protected.

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