Are you defending your trade secrets?

A trade secret is protected as long as it is kept secret. Once confidential information is disclosed, it can be instantly distributed online for anyone to see, access, and download, and thereby lose its trade secret status.

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Trade Secrets Protection - How to protect trade secrets

Once a trade secret is lost, it is lost forever

“60 percent of companies say at least some of their trade secrets are likely in the hands of rivals. Trade secrets can include customer data, and confidential corporate information e.g. product design documents, pricing plans, and business plans.”

- Ponemon Institute, "Cost of a Data Breach" Study (2016)

Digify lets you track and protect the information you’re sharing online, so you can keep your trade secrets safe


Minimize the risk of losing trade secrets through permissions-based access and controlled usage.


Safeguard your trade secrets by ensuring secure access with copy protection, watermarking and encryption.


Manage intellectual property assets and keep an audit trail of who, how and where your information is being accessed.


Keep your secrets from falling into the wrong hands and any risk of leaks by access revocation.

Ensure that Defend Trade Secrets Act is enforceable for your company

The Defend Trade Secrets Act was passed in 2016, allowing federal protection of trade secrets and information. The definition of “Trade Secrets” under the Act requires that the owner has taken reasonable measures to keep such information secret.

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