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With Digify, you can stay in control of your intellectual property.

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Training Materials Distribution - Corporate Training Materials

Digify helps corporate training companies securely distribute and track participant manuals and videos

Protect intellectual property

Digify ticks all the boxes for security and control yet keeps the experience simple for users and recipients alike.

Save distribution costs

Printing and shipping can be expensive. With Digify, participants can securely print the manuals on their own, while you can track the number of prints, restrict printing, and watermark the printed content.

Track content effectiveness

With Digify, you can see analytics of who has accessed your participant manuals, for how long, from which location, and how many times it has been printed or downloaded.

Pricing starts at $120/month

3 Data rooms. Customizable branding.

✔ Data room

✔ Access control

✔ Print and download permissions

✔ Support for PDF & video

✔ Expiry and self-destruct

✔ Company branding

✔ Terms of access/NDA

✔ Admin control & presets

✔ Tracking & analytics

✔ 100 GB secure storage

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