Build document security and data room features faster, with less risk and cost

With Digify's API, enhance your app capabilities with document security and data room features, at a fraction of the time and cost it takes to build your own.

Teams worldwide trust Digify to deliver their products quickly

Designed for seamless integration, Digify’s API allows companies to quickly embed our award-winning document security and data rooms into any web application or website.

Speed up development

Go to market faster. Integrate document security and data rooms in hours, not months.

Reduce risk

Add tried-and-tested Digify features to your application to ensure a more reliable user experience.

Reduce costs

Save the costs of having to design, build, debug and maintain your application.

Document Security & Data Room APIs for all

Speed Up Your Product Development

Seamlessly integrate document security, data room capabilities, or other features into your application. Launch your product swiftly, minimizing costs and efforts.

Build an Investor Portal for your LPs

Easily integrate a white-labeled URL investor portal into your site. Users log in once on your site and gain access to Digify without needing to sign in again.

Protect and track documents on your website

Safeguard your website documents using Digify. Prevent unauthorized content extraction and monitor document interactions.

Optimize Workflows with Multi-App Integration

Leverage Digify to automate tasks across platforms, like updating Salesforce CRM after data room views or sending ebooks after Shopify purchases.

Comprehensive Document Security Features

Integrate with Digify’s powerful suite of document security features to secure, manage and share documents. Get access analytics, control who sees your files and guard document content with dynamic watermarks, screenshield, expiry settings, and more.

Get visibility on the number of times your file has been viewed, the duration, the location from where your files have been accessed, and whether it was printed or downloaded.

With integrated digital rights management, your files are by default for viewing only, no copy is stored in the recipient’s device. You decide whether to allow print or download.

Set up NDAs or other terms before allowing secure access to documents. When activated, recipients must accept your terms before they can view your documents.

Decide whether you want to make your files accessible publicly or only to invited recipients.​ You can bind it to domains or specific email addresses, and validate their identities with a one time code. 

Automatically watermark documents with recipients’ information such as email address, time viewed, IP address, to deter unintended spread of information.

Set an expiry date and time for files that are intended to be accessed for a certain period. You can set the start and end date/time, or a file to expire after opening.

Reduce the visible screen area of a file with a moveable filter to discourage screenshots with our patented technology.

Get Complete Data Room Capabilities

Get a ready-made and fully customizable data room to manage and share documents at scale without the high development costs. Set up permissions, get access to analytics, automate workflows and do much more.

Add a plug-and-play data room to your application and effortlessly manage all your important documents.

Get detailed information about which guests interacted with your files, from where, for how long and how many times.

Owners and contributors can change the viewing order of files as they want guests to see them. Files are automatically renumbered with the correct file index as they are moved.

Your recipients will think twice about leaking documents with their email on it. Automatically add fully customizable watermarks to your documents with recipients’ email, time of access, IP and other information. 

Keep your data room files secure by allowing recipients to access a limited screen area and prevent screenshots with our patented technology.

Set precise permissions for individual files, folders, linking them with specific users or groups.

Simplify guest management by uniformly allocating permissions to guest groups.

Allow anyone in the data room to submit questions to be answered. Manage who guests can ask questions to and whose questions they can see.

Co-owners and editors can edit Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. The changes made are instantly synced so that all your guests can access the most updated version.

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Feature your brand prominently

Digify’s extensive branding options give you the flexibility to keep your brand front and center from start to finish. White-label URLs to integrate Digify’s document security and data rooms under your own brand domain. Maintain your branding on login screens, in URLs and guest emails.

Seamless logins for frictionless access

Embed unique URLs in your application for pre-approved recipients & guests. These URLs offer frictionless access to your app users and by allowing them to view files in Digify without logging in again. 

Integrate with over 6000+ apps without coding

Most of the features above require some coding. If you can’t code, you can still use our APIs. We integrate with Zapier, an API middleware that helps to integrate with over 6000+ apps. You can simply set up your day-to-day workflows using a user-friendly interface.

Why leading businesses are choosing Digify

Certified for ISO27001

ISO27001 is considered a gold standard in Information Management Security. 

High Uptime and Reliability

Digify’s 99.9% uptime SLA ensures that your applications can run uninterrupted.

API Assistance

Our team offers help to make sure that you are successful in building your application.

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